The world’s best battle royal, Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) was banned in India on 3rd September 2020 at 14:30 IST. The government of India banned PUBG and 113 other Chinese origin apps after the Chinese-Indian back to back, non-ending, border tension. However, now, the PUBG’s return to India can be see with bright eyes. South-Korean Studios, Krafton Inc created PUBG, the multiplayer battle royal.

The immense love of PUBG made it mandatory to bring it in the form of an app for smartphones. Tencent Games, a Chinese origin company bought 10% of the shares of the game. Moreover, PUBG Mobile profited the company and took it above all. Krafton Inc and Tencent earned alot of money through PUBG. PUBG’s gross income in 2019 was $3.5 billion, the most by an android game.


The Govt. of India allowed the game to relaunch it in the province. The expected date for PUBG’s return was 14th November 2020, on the day of Diwali, but due to some technical issues, it got delayed. However, the game will make its return by the end of this year as the date of the relaunch is yet to be declared.

The South Korean company Krafton Inc. partnered with Microsoft to bring back PUBG in the biggest market, the Indian Market.

The Govt. of India asked the PUBG Corporation to create a new server for Indian gamers. The PUBG Corporation agreed to the clauses of the Indian Govt. and as a result, the game is finally making its return to Indian servers.

The PUBG Mobile India is different from the original PUBG Mobile. It will differ in gameplay and other specifications.


The new PUBG Mobile India is launching soon. It will have some additional specification. Some features to look out in PUBG Mobile India can be-

  1. More Indian Cultural Events– There will be more events than in the original version because of its Indian effect. Indian touch will be given to the game and a lot of Indian Festive Events will be included.
  •  More Competitive Events– PUBG Corporation invested 100 Million USD for PUBG Mobile India. It makes it the most expensive battle royal. Moreover, the officials also announced the establishment of a branch office specifically for the development of PUBG Mobile and businesses related to it. So, a focus on developing India as a competitive reason should come with the new version.
  • Device Optimization- Smoothness of the game will be priority for the makers for the better experience of the game in smartphones. Moreover, the game storage is decreased to 650 mb so that the lower version smartphones can make it run.

In conclusion, the Indian gamers are eagerly waiting for the game’s return in the market. The streamers are continuing playing the Korean version of the game. There is a lot of expectations with the new PUBG Mobile India.


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