CRICKET- How it all began

HISTORY of how Cricket began

The Grounds of Saint George’s Cricket Club in New York was the first ground to conduct the first ever international cricket match. United States and Canada were the first teams to play a cricket match. For the first time in 1884, the revolutionary game of cricket was practiced. The word ‘cricket’ came from a French word ‘criquet’ which was a regional name for a kind of club ball. In the year 1934, the first Women’s cricket match was played. Australia and England played a three day test match at Brisbane,Australia. England’s Women’s team won the match by 9 wickets. Cricket history is a tale in itself.

The first Women’s International Cricket Match was played in 1934.


The game of cricket has gradually changed over the past few decades. The game we know is nowhere near to the game that was in the early 1900’s excluding some of the equipments.

 In 1958, the introduction of the wicket-keeping and batting hand gloves and leg guards was a major twist in the game. The introduction of leg guards or pads led to a new way for the dismissal of a batsman, who uses the pads to deflect the ball. The name of the dismissal is LBW which stands for Leg-Before-Wicket. It is a very common method for the dismissal of the batsman, for instance. At the early time, there were many risks while playing cricket. As a result, some of them got very severe.

For the batsman it was difficult to face a bouncer. As a result, the balls hit the batsman’s head. The introduction of protective helmets in 1978 resulted in less number of head injuries of the batsman.

The earliest cricket bats were in the shape of modern day hockey sticks since the bowling action at that time was under-arm. The changes were made in the rules for bowling actions in the late 1800’s . As a result, the shape of the bat was as a rectangular piece of wood, perfectly edged, attached through a handle nearly 25cms of length.

Evolution of Cricket Bats


A number of teams play the game of cricket. They compete in different tournaments for a certain title or championships. These tournaments have their specific rules for conducting the match. One of them is that how many overs should be bowled by a team. The number of overs bowled in an inning is termed as Format of the game. There are three formats in international cricket:

  1. The Test Matches
  2. The One Day Internationals
  3. The T-20 Internationals

Every country has their own national team which represents them internationally. These intramural tournaments helps to select the best players. The rules of these tournaments may differ from the rules of international cricket. As of now, every country which is a part of international cricket, hosts domestic tournaments of many formats like:

  1. 3-Day Test Matches
  2. T-10 Matches
  3. 3-Team Cricket Matches

The selection of the good players depends upon their performance in the tournament.


The body which controls cricket nationally and internationally is the International Cricket Council. Its earlier name was Imperial Cricket Conference during the time of the formation of the organization in 1909. It changed to International Cricket Conference in 1965 and later changed to its current name in 1989.

International Cricket Council

The current chairperson of the organization is Shashank Manohar and the current CEO of the organization is Manu Sawhney.

It hosts world championships like the ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, Women’s ICC Cricket World Cup, Women’s T20 World Cup and ICC Under-19 Cricket World cup.

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